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How our cleaning products
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How our cleaning products
protect our environment

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Manufactured by
National Bio+Green Sciences

Bio Green Crystals NJ offers a full line of Non-Toxic, Zero Waste, biodegradable cleaners.


How our cleaning products protect people and pets

Bio Green Products are formulated using only natural ingredients.

These nutraceutical-grade powder concentrate products were developed specifically for use in environments where people with allergies, asthma, other respiratory illnesses, eczema and other skin conditions live, sleep, study, play or work. People that are very sensitive to cleaning and other commonly used chemicals.

These products are actually food-grade, so they couldn't be any safer and still clean! They are perfect for use in homes, doctor offices, hospitals, day care centers, schools, clubs, offices, churches and food and beverage venues.

As you may know, frequent cleaning is important for an asthma sufferer's respiratory health. What you might not know is that there is a connection between "wheezing" - an early sign of asthma - and exposure to domestic cleaning products.

A 2004 study of 14,000 children up to the age of three and a half, published in the journal Thorax, found that exposure to household products such as bleach, aerosols, carpet and window cleaners increased the risk of wheezing. Youngsters born into the top ten per cent of families using such products the most were more than twice as likely to suffer from wheezing compared to the bottom ten per cent, who used them the least. Researchers said there was a link between prenatal exposure and wheezing as well as one between environmental exposures after birth.



How our cleaning products protect our environment

Bio+Green Crystals are revolutionary new cleaning products in water-soluble pouches containing premeasured amounts of powdered concentrates. When immersed in the water, pouch and powder dissolve formulating a precise cleaning solution for specific cleaning purposes. Bio+Green Crystals are proud to be ZERO-WASTE products.
  • Bio+Green Crystals refills are the safest and most eco-friendly cleaners on the market.
  • they generate zero waste, 100% biodegradable product and carrier
  • reduce your secondary carbon footprint at home, the office and everywhere else they are used.
  • these products achieve a carbon footprint reduction throughout the entire supply chain
  • Bio+Green Crystals are sustainably manufactured and can help your company reduce waste

We can help you save water, save energy and reduce waste:

Environmentally the Bio+Green Crystals are the only true zero waste product on the market. When one weighs the enormous benefit of Bio+Green Crystals with today’s demand for environmental consciousness, added safety and overall value; bio+green crystals are simply the greenest choice for the planet.

Every time you use a bio+green crystal refill, you are conserving 20-40 Megajules of energy and countless amounts of water.
If your Company really wants to save, then do the math on your waste!
* This is the energy and water used to make the plastic bottle and sprayer from manufacture to disposal.





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